Simply Auction

Simply Auction is an online used automobile marketplace that provide registered dealers, brokers, automobile manufacturers, rental agencies with a complete vehicle remarketing solution.

It was designed to be mobile and easy to use for all subscribers. Dealers can display and sell their vehicles aged or new wholesale units with ease and allows dealers to sell online simply... without paying any of the regular fees associated with most auctions that are available today. Instead of just texting or calling about a product out to a wholesaler, Simply Auction allows dealers  to reach hundreds of more bidders with no fees.

When dealers add the Simply Auction feature to the AIMS Inventory Management System they simply press a submit button and you can re direct your unit to the auction within seconds. No more need to re do a form or a recon report or take more images. We make things simple so you can be more productive during the day.

Enter Auction

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Dealer Portal


Broker Portal


Avoid Buying or Selling a Flood Vehicle in Error


I still can not believe how easy the AIMS system is to use


We Coordinate All Our Inventory and Sales Efforts

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