I still can not believe how easy the AIMS system is to use

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Date Posted: September 10, 2017
By Lucky Ahulwalia, Broker, TML Autoliquidation

I have been an auto broker for approximately 5 years now. It’s a great business…except for the paperwork. That changed once I started using the AIMS management system!

I still can not believe how easy the AIMS system is to use. The fact that I only enter the auto remarketing data one time for everything from the front end website to the back end, creating bills of sale and even doing my company taxes or financials.

I often travel to other towns or provinces to buy autos and in the past I would have to wait until I was home to do my paperwork. The worst part of this is that I don't get paid until my paperwork is sent in as we all know. With AIMS I can have everything sent and the moment I get back with the auto’s or they are shipped the check is waiting for me.

Thanks to AIMS and SimplyAuto for making my life so much easier and keeping my paperwork on track and up to date on a daily, even hourly basis. The money I save in time and outside expenses easily pay for the AIMS Management System. 

Lucky Ahulwalia
Broker, TML Autoliquidation

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